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Treatment Information

The application is held as close to the imperfection as possible and moved quickly towards and away from it. The length of time is based on the depth and size of the lesion. 
There will be a mild sensation similar to a stinging nettle on the skin when the nitrous oxide reaches the bottom of the area. 
During the procedure, the area freezes and turns white. 
After the procedure, the white area thaws and flushing occurs and the area will turn red and a weal will form. Over the next few days, a blister will form, which may take several days to dissolve. A crust may form over the lesion which after 10-14 days will typically fall off and the skin will heal. (Lesions on the legs may take longer to heal)
There’s a low risk of scarring from the treatment however both hyperpigmentation (Darkening of the skin) and hypo pigmentation (Lightning of the skin) may occur temporarily after cryotherapy. Pigment change is most likely in darker skin tones. 
In some cases, lesions may require more than one treatment. 
All treatments require a consultation prior to treatment. (Consultations are free however a £20 booking fee is required which can be redeemed from treatment)
Treatment prices range from £50 a lesion, with discounted prices available for multiple lesions/areas. (For example, 4 lesions £100) however, prices will be based on consultation. 
There are very few contraindications (reasons why someone can’t have treatment) however Any malignant lesions or melanomas can not be treated using cryotherapy also your practitioner may ask for a letter from a general practitioner before treatment can be carried out confirming the lesion is safe for treatment.